Rick Ross Vs Young Jeezy????

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Beef

As we all know this past Friday Rick Ross released his first mixtape of the new year titled Rich Forever which is also LLM’s mixtape of the week. Just in case you havent heard the mixtape, Ross has a track titled “Rich Forever” on the mixtape which features John legend and it doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that he takes numerous shots at the snowman Young Jeezy. Not even half way through the song Ross spits a line saying  “Ya shit pushed back cause it ain’t buzzing”  then 3 bars later he spits “Can’t talk snow where the soft at/ya man got murked but ya squashed that” which he refers to Jeezy’s past run in wit Gucci Mane a couple of years back. If you follow hip hop and these two artist it really shouldnt be a surprise that Ross took these shots, the two have been at it with “subliminal shots” toward each other the last year since Ross dropped his hit record “BMF”. In recent interviews Jeezy says that there is really no beef between the two and he doesn’t buy into rap beef, but after this record LLM is pretty sure Jeezy’s thoughts about that might of just changed. Will it be a Stay Strapped 2 or will Jeezy just ignore the shots and stick to his words of not buying into rap beef?

  1. james says:

    jeezy and rick need to grow up and unite. Ross was a c/o. In case people dont know a cop and a c/o are two different occupations. I know c/o’s who move weight. its a job. who hates on a job. the point is their both black and like myself must deal with some opression. u got money now give to people in need and spend on those who love u. Their putting their talents to waist. Your telling me if i was a garbage man, c/o, or even a god damn lawyer i would have to hide my talent. Grow up america.

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