#LLM Indie Artist Watch: Chief Keef

Posted: April 29, 2012 in 2012 Hype, Indie

Some compare him to a mid-west Flocka, some say he’s something like a younger Boosie, but whatever or whoever you wanna compare young Sosa aka Chief Keef  to just know he’s got his home town Chicago along with the whole 300 team behind him. Sosa’s latest mixtape, Back From The Dead may be just be his ticket out, which includes hits like “Everyday,” “3Hunna”  feat Soulja Boy and “I Don’t Like,” which has caught the attention of super producer/rapper Kanye West which he announced earlier this week he would take the hit under his wings and make it a G.O.O.D Music remix. The 16-year-old kid out of Chicago has also drawn the interest from Cash Moneys Birdman and other major labels such as Def Jam and even Bad Boy. Sosa has also had his run-ins with the law, with his latest last December, were he was arrested and served 30 days house arrest and another 30 days of home confinement, but did not let that stop his grind nor strive for the top, and that’s why he has been chosen for this months indie artist, keep grinding young man LLM behind ya, salute!!


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