Big Body Releases EP Cover And Track Leak

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Indie, Interviews

Recently Indie artist Big Body sat down with us here at LLM to talk muzik and his upcoming EP “From Me To You,” which is set to release August 14th, below is Q&A with Body, the cover for the EP, and a leak off the the EP, check it out!!

Live Love Muzik Q&A with Big Body

LLM: First off before we even get deep into this, let the fans know what’s
been going on with Body, and for those who aren’t familiar with you
let them know who exactly Big Body is.

Body: Just been cooling working like a fool staying in the studio on the
low..And im just a cool nigga all about the hustle and making good
music.. Live life for what it is have a good time and like to enjoy
the fruits of my labor…

LLM: Ok ok so as we all know it isn’t a secret anymore they been waiting
long enough, so what’s the deal with the new EP “From Me To You” what
can we expect from you on this one, I mean we already know you drop
street classics, let the fans know Body what we will hear this time

Body: True Body fans know what to look for but basically more of the same
Body but just more refined on the records..bc I been at this for
10years so you have no choice but to grow. And I guarantee you just
put it in and you will be more than satisfied!!

LLM: So tell me how did you come up with the title and whole concept of the EP?

Body: I named it that bc im dropping it on my bday 8-14-82 and I see it as
im giving the streets a gift.

LLM: Who can we look for as far features and productions, any surprises to look for?

Body: Since I was only releasing 5 records I didn’t have any features,,just
gave you a lot of BODY..ya feel me..I got a small group of producers I
work wit around my area from @thisbruceshawdy to @blackakademi to
Beatkings.. But on the EP @thisbruceshawdy has 3 tracks and
@blackakademi has 2

LLM: Ok so tell me Body who are some of your musical influences, growing up
who were you listening to, I mean is there any artist that really made
you just want to get out there and give it try?

Body: I grew up on Outkast, Eightball and MJG, 36mafia, Scarface, and of
course Big and Pac.

LLM: Well as far as local artist are there any you really just rock with
regularly as far as muzik?

Body: I rock wit all that rock wit me str8up

LLM: Ok well I see you and young upcoming producer @thisbruceshawdy been
going at it pretty hard lately I see he’s all over the EP, what’s your
take on his success lately seems like he’s the one to go after right

Body: Yea that’s my lil bruh right there..He so easy to work with bc he
knows my sound and he likes to work..hell he send me 5 beats at a
time..I tell anybody if you from Athens and don’t have a track from my
nigga, you really slipping. And that boy @itsjnice a fool with the

LLM: Other than the EP which is set to release next week, what else can we
look forward to from Body,  videos,  more muzik, another tape maybe??

Body: Definitely can catch me in the streets working the EP, 2 more video
shoots coming soon..Im constantly in the studio so a full mixtape is
on the horizon.

LLM: Ok well Body before we wrap this up, what kind of advice can you give
younger artist out there who dream is to be a rapper/entertainer??

Body: The biggest thing I can tell them is to be true to their self and
their craft bc everybody is not going to like what you’re doing but
just keep doing it until you succeed don’t let anyone tell you, you

LLM: Well Body it’s been real, and you already know we here at
LiveLoveMuzik gone continue to ride with you throughout this journey,
keep grinding and we salute ya!!

Body: Double salute back to yall…And Free my Partna Charlie

Track Leak : Big body – Do Today (produced by @thisbruceshawdy) click link below


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