Big Body Plans To Re-Release Debut Album “Dis Ain’t What You Want”

Posted: March 12, 2013 in 2013 Hype, Indie, Interviews

It’s been ten years since the release of Big Body’s classic debut album titled Dis Ain’t What You Want, and if your from Athens,Ga you remember it like it was yesterday with hits like “Rims And Tires” and “Dis Ain’t What You Want” blasting from speakers and rattling trunks back in 2003. Earlier this week we sat down with Body for another 1 on 1 Q and A to talk and discuss the classic and it’s re-release, check it out below!


Q And A With Body:

LLM: So Body what’s up man what’s going on, what’s changed since the last time we chopped it up, what’s new with Body?
Body: Just cooling back in the lab with lil Bruce @thisbruceshawdy cooking up some new heat
LLM: Ok ok cool, well man it’s been ten years since you released your debut album “Dis Ain’t What You Want” what made you decide to re-release it?
Body: I decided to drop it again because it’s not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t ask me if I still have that album so I’m giving the ppl what they want
LLM: Ok will everything be the same this time around as far the music goes, will there be any new vocals,features, or any remixes
Body: Yea everything is the same but I am doing a rim and tires 2.0 and will be shooting a video for that real soon
LLM: Well Body being that were on the subject, what’s your favorite song on the album and do you plan to do any videos for any songs on it?
Body: My favorite song is the title track dis Ain’t what you want bc that started everything
LLM: Aye man I’m glad to see you re-releasing that for the ppl, and In my opinion the album is a classic and one of the best to ever come through the south and I can’t wait to get my copy, let the ppl know when and where can we get that?
Body: I’m dropping it on the original date march 23rd and I will be in the streets with them
LLM: Well you heard it here it first, that’s whats up, and before we go is there anything else we can look forward too? Any more Mixtapes, Albums, Videos, etc?
Body: I’m still working on the new mixtape Still that nigga it’s coming late may and videos will come along with that
LLM: Ok ok well make sure it’s in live love muzik hands first whatever it is, and It’s been real Body, stay up and Live Love Muzik!
Body:  All da time

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