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Why we wait patiently for Body”s highly anticipated mixtape, he drops a lil sum sum off for us, check it out!!  June 7th “Still That Nigga”

Seems like Macho just can’t get it out his head!!! #CokaineDreamz June 21st!!!

“I ain’t no good for you, & you ain’t no good for me,” goes the opening line of Cassie Chantel’s latest release. The Dedication is far from modest as Chantel speaks in detail about a past relationship with a former girlfriend.

“Honesty & story telling are two things that I base my style of music on,” says Chantel. “The Dedication is just a story that needed to be told. It’s been on my heart.”


via The Dedication by Cassie Chantel on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Round for round/pound for pound clearly Macho ain’t playing!!! Cokaine Dreamz June 21’st!!!